rustic coffee table reclaimed wood

Modern country style trend: rustic coffee tables and end tables

If you want to upgrade your living room but prefer to keep it cosy and comfortable, consider buying rustic coffee tables and end tables. Needless to say, bringing in a stylish coffee table can change the look of your living room. Sometimes buyers make a mistake of choosing a table that would rather be in museum than in a living room. These tables often have weird shapes, were made from […]

white round modern coffee table

Round modern coffee tables as the best pieces of furniture for today

Round modern coffee tables have always been the most popular purchases in furniture stores. They are very convenient and stylish. Their prices depend on what materials they are made of and on their sizes. Round modern coffee tables can cost from 80$ up to 400$. Prices can decrease during sales. Glass modern round coffee tables add something special to the design of any room. Their glossy surfaces and transparent bases […]

elegant rustic coffee tables

Elegant coffee tables not only for elegant ladies but for real gentlemen too

Elegant coffee tables have always been eye-catching for ladies and gentlemen. Their prices are not very cheap and the materials they are made of are of really high quality. If you’re looking for elegant coffee table sets pay attention to the sets made of glass, metal or solid wood. In my humble opinion, the best elegant tables are made of glass or solid dark brown oak. If you have your […]

long narrow coffee tables

Narrow coffee tables for houses with little room

Narrow coffee tables definitely fin in the houses where there is not enough room. They save it and make it easier for people to walk inside of the houses. Customers prefer to buy narrow side tables that can be places not only in the middle of a room. Such tables are really convenient and can be bought for just nothing if you can find worthwhile sales and good offers. Sometimes […]

cheap coffee tables with stools

Inexpensive coffee tables for the people who are longing for saving money in their wallets

Inexpensive coffee tables attract lots of customers. Every buyer coming to the furniture store looks for something cheap. He’s searching, and searching, and searching again… And finally, his wandering glance stops on the clearance section filled up with coffee tables. The customer runs there as a wind and gets an inexpensive coffee table of his dream. Inexpensive coffee tables for sale can be bought in many furniture stores, warehouses, second-hands […]

glass coffee table ethan allen

All glass coffee tables for people of the 21st century

All glass coffee tables are getting more and more popular today. Well-known designers claim that these tables can be named the tables of the 21st century and even of the future. People who care about brand-new pieces of furniture and who want their houses to look smart not only outside but inside too prefer to buy all glass coffee tables that make their places look peculiar and attractive for guests. […]

coquille white modern oval coffee table with drawer

White modern coffee tables for apartments of any style

White modern coffee tables can fit any design. They are very stylish, plain and attractive. They can become dirty a bit more often than the tables of other colors, but good house-owners can always find a right way to get rid of stains and to make the table look perfectly clean and just outstanding. White table shining with cleanliness always make guests pop-eyed. If you’re not good at housework and […]

lucite coffee table vintage

Lucite coffee tables. Like glass one, but far more better

Transparent lucite coffee tables remind me about glass furniture. The difference is that unlike glass, lucite cannot be broken, which is makes the tables made of it more durable and convenient. You don’t have to be scared of walking at home at night with the lights turned off, because even if you stumble upon this table it won’t get a scratch… Only you’ll be able to get a bruise. You […]

small drop leaf table white

What is a small drop leaf table and where to put it?

Large or small drop leaf table is a table that has a fixed section in the middle and one or two hinged sections (also called “leaf”) on sides. The leaf section can be easily folded down. Mostly wooden made, they often have unique elegant style and are still very popular in England. Main advantage of drop leaf tables is, of course, the fact that they could be folded and removed […]

black coffee table with baskets

Black coffee table sets for different style rooms

Black coffee table sets look very modern. They can be named furniture of the future. People are often looking for them, because they can fit different style rooms and they do never seem old-fashioned. Their laconic, plain and monochrome look makes everybody who comes in the room stare at the tables with astonishment. Guests wonder how much they cost. They have no clue, that such outstanding tables – real masterpieces […]

oversized rustic coffee tables

Oversized coffee tables for sitting rooms

Oversized coffee tables are usually placed in sitting rooms, where a lot of guests can talk and chill sipping their coffee or tea. People tend to place oversized coffee tables near the coach or in the middle of it which is very comfortable. You can lay down on the coach and have a cup or a glass filled with drink next to you. Oversized coffee tables are very popular amongst […]

wood coffee tables with drawers

Space-saving or coffee tables with drawers

Variety of options for shapes, colors and the wide range of the design for coffee tables with drawers provide an opportunity to decorate and refresh the living room, office and hall. He will be the center of the interior space, which will determine the comfort and coziness of the room and at the same time takes up minimal space. For example you can put some things in the coffee table […]

wood tree trunk coffee table

Choose a wood trunk coffee table which will fit to your house

A wood trunk coffee table is a piquant part of any room. It can tell about its owner: his style, favours and even his age. You may get tangled in this great variety of shapes. When choosing the right shape of the table it is important to take into account a geometric form of your room. So if your room is long and looks like a rectangle, choose an oval […]

norcastle coffee table set price

Norcastle Coffee table is the Simbol of Luxury and Style!

Norcastle coffee table takes sophisticated design of this furniture piece to the upper level with magnificent traditional styling and a rich dark finish. The shaped legs supported by a beautifully shaped stretcher of this model seem so adoring with the rich brown finish, which flows smoothly over the most exquisite details of the legs. Norcastle oval coffee table creates a sophisticated atmosphere due to the elegant cast filigree, which is […]

coffee and end table sets for sale

Choosing perfect coffee and end table sets for your interior

Everybody knows that coffee and end table sets are an essential part of any living room. They are usually a centre of surrounding sofas and chairs, a place where we rest and spend time with friends. Choosing a proper coffee table and end table sets is not easy, and there is a very big choice of different type available on the market. Generally speaking, we can divide all contemporary coffee […]