eero saarinen tulip coffee table

Saarinen coffee table – extraordinary design or mediocrity?

Saarinen coffee table is famous throughout the world. In the search of a new design Finnish designer Eero Saarinen got an essential idea and completed it in the best structural solution. The peculiarity of saarinen tables is in their underside part. He managed to combine a typical chair form with the remarkable underneath area. Saarinen always said that every noteworthy item of furniture pocesses a top-to-bottom structure. Saarinen coffee table […]

glass top and wood coffee table

How to take care about glass and wood coffee tables

If you like glass and wood coffee tables? you have to remember that wooden and glass top demands special and delicate care. If to speak about glass tables, the main task of correct handing is to retain the sparkles of the glass. Before cleaning glass and wood coffee table, it is necessary to remember a few useful tips. The most effective and easiest way to remove stains off the glass […]

glass table top with umbrella hole

Glass for table top really protects

If you choose glass for table top you love everything beautiful, because glass in furniture looks so nice and gorgeous. Getting home a glass covered unit you add some shine to your decore and home atmosphere. The table with a glass top can be bought as a ready furniture unit, but glass for coffee table can be bought or ordered separately. If you have some scratches on the surface of […]

discount coffee tables online

Discount coffee tables or inside interior for little money

Organizing an inside interior in the living room everyone is dreaming to make the best for the less money, so we are looking for good price for the furniture, discount coffee tables, bargain of a lamps and so on. Along with the quality curtains and good furniture, there should paid attention to the tiny details, such as coffee tables/. The variety of coffee tables is enormous, they are of different […]

glass coffee table with iron legs

Which table to choose: glass and iron coffee table or metal glass coffee table, or may be any other?

A living room without a nice coffee table is like a woman without high heels. It seems undone. Coffee table is a tiny detail that completes an interior and brings additional functionality. Coffee tables other than interior decorations, serve as a flower stand. But the matter is which table to use for your interior? Should it be glass and iron coffee table or wooden? Should it be square, round or […]

patio coffee table umbrella hole

Choosing patio coffee tables for outdoors

If you are planning on adding a nice touch to your outdoor living or dining space lounge area, you will have to look through various patio coffee tables available on the market. The choice offered by various local and online stores is huge and limited by your budget only as patio coffee table ideas range from simple plastic furniture to more sophisticated and very expensive designer made pieces. Start by […]

modern glass coffee tables

How to Choose a Contemporary Glass Coffee Table for your Living Room?

Nowadays a coffee table is a must-have at every home. There are many types of coffee tables, particularly fashionable now those that are made of wood, glass and brass. Contemporary glass coffee tables are a great place to keep your magazines, put a drink; also it’s an excellent spot for displaying your home accessories. Due to its central position in the living room, it easily becomes the main point of […]

painting ikea end tables

True finds for your living room: End tables IKEA

There is nothing like having a quiet cup of tea or coffee in your cozy living room, alone or with your family and friends, especially if your tea or coffee is hot and strong, time isn’t pressing and you have one of those legendary end tables IKEA to put your cup, your tea or coffee set and a tray with buns and rolls on. IKEA end table solutions are a good choice […]

coffee table turned desk

Coffee tables-desks as the furniture of the future

Coffee tables-desks can be proudly called the furniture of the future. Loads of them are being ordered by the most famous stores that are longing for selling as many of them as it is possible. The prices for coffee table-desk combos are not very high. They are affordable for people with different incomes. If you can find sales and special offers, they will do you a favour and let you […]

nest coffee tables dark wood

Nesting coffee table as the best choice for small apartments

Have you ever heard of nesting coffee tables? Let us tell you about them! Do you have not much room in your apartments? Do you try to save every spot of the precious floors? Are you afraid of making your way through the rooms a lot more difficult than it is now? If you’ve answered “yes” to all the questions we asked you then you should definitely get nesting tables […]

vintage coffee and end tables

Vintage coffee tables for the people who love ancient stuff in modern houses

Vintage coffee tables are incredibly attractive. They can adorn any places. People can be amazed with such tables and they always ask lots of questions about vintage beautiful stuff starting with “How old is that thing?” and finishing with “Where did you get it? How much did you pay for it? I’m longing for the same table now!” Vintage trunk coffee tables are very special. They are so beautiful and […]

rental cocktail tables for sale

Choose Among the Best Offers of Cocktail Tables for Sale

Great collections of cocktail tables for sale can be found in almost every design magazine devoted to furniture. Why is it so? It’s just because a cocktail or a coffee table is an absolutely necessary thing in your apartment. This kind of a table really deserves to be described as not an ordinary furniture item. It is a thing that is always in the center of attention for everybody, who comes […]

ikea coffee table with baskets

A modern addition to your design: ikea coffee tables

It is a universal truth that tastes differ and Ikea Coffee Tables are good fit for all. Which design do you prefer? Is it a minimalism, hi-tech or traditional? Ikea helps you to create your personal style and atmosphere. If you want comfort and practicality then a Lift Top Coffee Table ikea is exactly what you need. The upper part of the table can be raised providing a large surface […]

cheap end tables and lamps

Cheap end table nowadays

Cheap end tables are very popular nowadays, because they look very stylish and original. It can be very simple construction made of different materials, for example, it can be construction with four wood legs and glass top. If you wish, any small table can be called an end table. Normally they are placed next to a couch, an armchair or even a chair. Frequently end and coffee tables are used […]

coffee tables galore living room

Tips for Choosing of coffee tables Galore

Properly selected coffee tables Galore will help to expand and decorate the interior of any house. This piece of furniture combines enough features to attract a lot of attention. There will be the use of the coffee table Galore in every room of the house. For example it can replace the bedside table in the bedroom, it can be mini-serving table in the kitchen or you can arrange different baubles […]