Oval glass coffee tables in modern interior

Coffee table will be quite relevant in the interior of the living room. But how it will fit there – depends entirely on your choice, as manufacturers produce models on usual and curly legs, varying their number from one to four, shape of the tabletop can also change, adjusting to a particular style.
You can buy a coffee table made of wood, MDF, laminated particleboard, metal or plastic, at that the tabletop can be made of other material (especially popular are oval glass coffee tables). Some constructions have a sliding system that allows increasing height of the legs or size of the tabletop. There are options on castors, which are sometimes used as serving tables. For small room it is better to choose an oval glass coffee tables or circular tabletop, while in spacious square or rectangular will fit well.

Depending on the design of the interior, you can choose a carved wooden “semi-antique” model or a table in Japanese style, which is characterized by the connection of tradition and modernity. Oriental models tend to have short legs, since the coffee ceremony in those regions suggests that people will sit on the floor or on special cushions.

oval coffee table set

The room in high-tech or minimalism will be nicely decorated by a glass table. At first glance, it looks fragile, but modern coffee tables are made of tempered glass, capable of withstanding serious weight. Since contaminations are most noticeable on the glass, you will need to clean the tabletop regularly with glass cleaner fluid.

For those who prefer classics, it is better to choose a model from wood. The more so because for their decoration are applied lacquer, carving or marquetry technique. The table can be painted, ornamented in a particular style, encrusted or created by combining different kinds of wood. Excellent decoration will be forged elements. Wooden coffee tables are appropriate both in ethnic or ecological interior. Eco-style can be emphasized by a wicker coffee table made of vine or rattan.

Fashionable principle among designers right now is to use paired coffee tables, which are also very functional, because they allow to make changes in the interior quick and easy. Just move it a little bit – and it already looks different. Paired coffee tables can be placed on the same line, on a short distance from each other, back to back, offset diagonally and even one under another.

oval glass coffee table metal frame

Another modern trend – tables-chests. Once this type of furniture was a mandatory attribute of the interior, decorated in colonial style. Performing its’ basic function, such tables can be used to store different things: utensils for coffee ceremony, napkins and tablecloths, books and magazines. But to use them as a stand under the TV – is not profitable, because in order to extract the desired item, you will have to replace the “window to the world”. It is therefore more appropriate to buy a TV stand in the same style, but the one that will not open up, but will have a usual door.

The extravagant interior can be decorated by original oval glass coffee tables of complex construction. They can be multi-level or sliding, for their manufacture glass, chromed metal, plastic and leather are used. The unusualness of the shapes and extraordinary combinations of materials make oval coffee table set exclusive.

And finally, if you have a small room to receive guests, you can buy a folding coffee table. After pleasant get-togethers with friends over a cup of nosy drink, you will remove it easily, freeing up the space.
For many people, one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the living room, and other rooms, is oval glass and metal coffee table. Small oval glass coffee table – is a perfect place to set up and store items that are frequently used, and they need to be “in sight”. It also creates a focal point in the room.

Today you can just get lost in variations when buying a coffee table. They are made by designers on a special order, furniture stores are full of choice. The main thing is to trust your taste and sense of style, as well as to know what you want when buying.
So, let’s focus on the most common types of coffee tables.
Oval glass coffee table contemporary is a favorite choice of many people because it is stylish and match any theme or design of the room. Glass tables come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and constructions, and custom-made glass tables will go in accordance with the environment of any home. Glass tables are easy to care of. But if you have children in the house, glass coffee table is not the best choice for security measures.
People has chosen wood as a material for their coffee tables for years. Many types of wood are available for selection, which are of different colors, constructions and types. Oval wood and glass coffee table can be complex, simple, modern, classic, or any other, but they require an appropriate environment of the rest of the room. Variety of colors, sizes and styles is overwhelming, so if the wooden table is the best choice for your home, you need to look at your interior, before making a final choice.

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