Occasional coffee table as the important element of the living room

Living room is a heart of the dwelling in every house and every owner tries to improve the room in such a way, that it will not only be comfortable and harmonious, but also impressive and exciting. Today an inherent part of the living room together with a comfortable sofa, chairs and fireplace is a coffee, or as it is also called in our country, cocktail table.

History of occasional coffee table
This piece of furniture comes from 1868, European Edward William Godwin is considered to be its creator. However initially table for living room had a height of 70 cm and only later got its usual look. Nevertheless it is this man who laid the foundation for development of such interesting and mainly functional attribute of todays living room. And though there isn’t an agreement of opinion on where the idea of creation of low table was borrowed, was it from Ottoman Empire or from Japanese culture so popular at that time, the fact remains: today popularity of small round occasional table is so high that this piece of furniture can be met in every house.

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Varieties of occasional coffee table
Leading furniture producers caught up fast this rushing in the richest houses of Europe of that century, new fashioned accessory and began to produce tables from various materials: wood, glass, stone and copper.

With the advent of new technologies the arsenal of materials for production of coffee tables increased greatly. Apart from this its variety let this piece of furniture become available for any segment of people. At the same time designer ideas on coffee tables were also developing greatly – now you can’t surprise anyone with primitive table with carved legs and glass tabletop. But the idea of the construction itself sometimes amuses. So, all coffee tables can be divided into three groups:
Practical and maximum functional occasional table sets that have a big tabletop and lots of drawers and shelves for little things.

Coffee tables-transformers. Construction of such a table allows to transform it easily into pouf, several separate tables or a banquette with a soft seat. The pink of fashion of such a transformer is a table that transforms from a low table into a big dining table that can fit entire family and guests.
Decorative occasional coffee table that are rarely used for the intended purpose are just an element of the decor. As a rule, such tables not only have a weird look, but they are also made of unusual material.

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How to choose a coffee table
What principle people usually use to choose furniture? A lot of people will agree that it often happens on the principle “I came, I saw, I conquered”. But is it right? It is fundamentally wrong even for such a small element of the interior as a coffee table. In the first place when choosing this piece of furniture you should consider the following:
-style of the living room;
-color scheme, even if it will be a bright accent of the interior, it should ideally match with colors used in the room and to fit harmonically in the design of the room:
-quadrature of the room and the place for coffee table, especially if the case is a small living room in the apartment.
Some practical tips
As practice shows the most in-demand are the coffee tables from wood. And this phenomenon has a logical explanation: this material easily fits in any style, matches any color scheme and it is ideal to take care of. Moreover, if you choose a table from wood of warm colors for the room with cold classical combination of black occasional table and white, the interior will immediately fill with coziness and warmth, and at the same time won’t lose its strictness.

If there is parquetry or laminated floor a coffee table from wood of the similar color will be a great companion to it, and the general picture of the room will only win. But if you want a coffee table you like to fit in your living room it is not necessary to lay a floor coating matching in color and invoke other drastic measures. It is enough to put several decorative pillows of the similar color on a sofa or to put a small chair with upholstery matching the tabletop.
If you’re planning any wardrobes or shelving units it is good if the coffee table is of the same material as the other pieces of furniture.

Another popular material for tabletop of the coffee table is glass, legs of which can be of various materials. But when choosing a glass table you should be ready to dust it constantly, though this disadvantage is compensated with its look, as such glass occasional table even if it’s big enough won’t overload the room at the expense of its transparency.

No matter which way you look at it, but coffee table is always in the center of attention in the living room, as it is around it the main pieces of furniture are placed, such as a sofa, chairs and poufs. That’s exactly why you should approach thinking over all of the details choosing such an important attribute. Beginning with assignment of this piece of furniture, that is will unusual occasional tables be a decorative element or it will be used for the intended purpose or it will only be a place for vases with flowers and keeping various magazines and notebooks, and finishing with material of which it is made.
In conclusion I have to say that it is the tastes of the owner of the room should be determinative, as it is he who should like the living room, and love to his house will fulfill it with positive energy that any guest will appreciate.

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