Lucite coffee tables. Like glass one, but far more better

Transparent lucite coffee tables remind me about glass furniture. The difference is that unlike glass, lucite cannot be broken, which is makes the tables made of it more durable and convenient. You don’t have to be scared of walking at home at night with the lights turned off, because even if you stumble upon this table it won’t get a scratch… Only you’ll be able to get a bruise.

You can purchase lucite coffee tables in different furniture stores, starting with IKEA and finishing with Home Depot. Focus on looking for lucite coffee tables sales that let you buy them twice or thrice cheaper.

lucite coffee table with brass

IKEA lucite coffee tables are very plain, cheap and useful. They are also very light which is really comfortable: you don’t need anyone to help you moving the tables or taking it somewhere. Such tables cost from 20$ up to 200$ in IKEA. Surf the Internet and try to find out whether IKEA offers any discounts or arranges sales. If yes – get a wallet and go straight to the store.

Lucite coffee tables are usually made totally of lucite. Their surface and their base are made of the same material which looks very stylish and unusual. Lucite coffee table’s base can be of different shapes, width and height. But remember the height shouldn’t be very high. The surface of the table should approach your knee or be even lower.

lucite coffee table trunk

18 Photos of the Lucite coffee tables. Like glass one, but far more better

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