Japanese coffee table in the modern living room

Justly, the heart of the home belongs to the living room, so the owners are trying to arrange it in such a way that it represents the harmony, comfort and could impress the guests.
In the modern living room in addition to its usual attributes such as chairs, sofa, quite popular is the presence of Japanese coffee table. In our latitudes it is called – a cocktail table.

Coffee table and the history of its occurrence
History of the coffee table originates from 1868, when it was invented by the representative of the European roots – Edward William Godwin. Initially, the height of the table for living room reached 70 cm, and a little bit later it was transformed into a more familiar variation. It should be noted that it was Godwin who became the founder in the development of the demand for such a functional furniture component of a modern living room.

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At the present stage a consensus about the origins of the idea of this “undersized” table hasn`t formed yet. It is possible that the culture of the Ottoman Empire or ancient Japanese traditions influenced the formation of traditional Japanese table. At that time in Europe, these cultures had a strong influence. Yet the facts speak for themselves: popularity of cocktail or coffee tables is so high that this furniture component can be seen in almost every living room.

Types of coffee tables
The rapidly growing popularity of low tables didn’t pass by the leading manufacturers in the furniture industry. Picking up the idea, they inserted this furniture component in the richest European homes. Coffee tables have acquired the status of fashion accessories that were made not only of wood, but of glass, copper and stone.

The appearance of new technologies in the work, has significantly increased the range of the basic materials for the production of Japanese coffee table. Their diversity allowed expanding the boundaries of availability for the general public.

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Along with the growing popularity of this product also increased design ideas about it. Nowadays, people are no longer surprised by the modest tabletop of glass with carved legs, the whole product is subjected to various structural changes. All coffee tables are divided into three main groups:
Functional and maximum practical products with a rather large tabletop and with drawers for small items.

Tables with ability to transform are equipped with construction which using the manual mode transforms a single tabletop into separate tables, pouf or upholstered banquette. The most popular option today is considered to be a model-transformer that from the low coffee table transforms into the standard dining room table for family gatherings and meeting guests.

Tables of decorative type – products, that almost do not perform their functions, and aren`t used by the owners according to their main purpose. A distinguishing feature of japanese table decorations is quirkiness in appearance, as well as unusual materials in the base.
Coffee table: how to make the right choice
Often, people choose furniture according to the principle: we like it – we take it. Even such a small piece of furniture as a small coffee table needs a choice, and therefore you must take into account its following parameters:
styling of the interior in the living room;
Japanese coffee table of bright colors must integrate harmoniously to the color scheme of the whole room;
you must initially determine the place for a table, even in the territory of a small living room.
A little practicality
The most relevant of the vast range of model variations are wooden coffee tables. This demand for wood material is quite understandable, since it fits perfectly in any design, and is easy to clean. If you prefer to put a table of warm wood tones in the space of the room with a black and white interior, it will fill the space with additional warmth and comfort, but the strictness of the idea will remain.
In the room with laminate or parquet flooring, low table of the similar shade would be a good purchase. The look of such a room will benefit greatly.

It is worth noting that for harmonious combination of the table with the colour design of the room, you should pick up the blanket or some cushions of the same colour to it. Also, you can put a chair with upholstery or a cover of one tone with tabletop in the room. If in the room other furniture will be set in addition to a table, it is better to take furniture of a similar shade.

Another popular material for the production of Japanese style coffee tables is considered to be glass, with its legs are made of another material. Choosing such a transparent piece of furniture you need to constantly wipe off the dust and fingerprints. Even with the impressive dimensions of the transparent tabletop, such a product will not clutter the space. If a coffee table is present in the living room, it will be the center of attention for most of the visitors since basic components of furniture, chairs, sofa and poufs are placed around it.

Thinking over all of the details, you can proceed to the choice of such aesthetically significant attribute for the living room. The main thing is to determine the functions that will be laid on the coffee table: whether it will be used in the process of tea or it will be a stationary location for vase with flowers, magazines or photo frames.

Such a thing will certainly give identity, touching warmth and pleasant comfort to a room of any kind. Since minimizing and thinning things, as well as items of furniture comfort, we thus contribute to the expansion of functional space, the so-called “useful perimeter”, creating an aura of home personal harmony.

So, a creative approach to the arrangement of working, family and domestic space claims to unconditional acceptance and positive impulse of all those who live in this room, performs a guest function or is just a random visitor.

12 Photos of the Japanese coffee table in the modern living room

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