Folding coffee tables with matching end tables

Folding coffee tables are able to solve many everyday problems. Depending on the assignment, you can choose the color, shape, size and method of unfolding of this unusual piece of furniture. Before buying a folding coffee table, you must decide how often it will serve as a transformer. After all, the number of unfolding influences on deterioration of the mechanism and the material from which it is made.

Types of materials for coffee tables with matching end tables
Wood. Although wood products are not cheap, but time justifies such purchases. Folding wooden coffee table should be bought, if it is required by the interior or you plan to use it as a stand for heavy objects. Stopping your attention on wood with sustainable steel mechanism, you make the right choice, because at frequent unfoldings it will last much longer than the furniture made of particleboard.
Glass. Glass coffee tables with matching end tables are attributes of modernity. In the apartment performed in modern style, in high-tech or minimalism, you can easily find a place for the construction, which when folded takes up little space.
Particleboard. Particleboard is a budget option. Many folding coffee tables are made of this material. Laminated surface creates the illusion of an expensive product.
Methods of unfolding coffee table with matching end tables
There are simple ways of unfolding and difficult ones, when the process happens automatically. Special mechanisms allow to change the position of the table top, while maintaining it at a certain level. A lot of coffee tables with matching end tables can be only partially unfolded, for example, locking the required height.

matching coffee and dining table

In most cases useful surface increases due to the inserts at sides or in the center of the table. There are matching coffee and end tables in which parts of the tabletop are stacked on each other or equipped with a turning mechanism that allows them to exist independently and to have different sizes. A useful innovation became a folding coffee table on castors. Its advantage is rollers or castors that allow to move the product at home easily.
If you decide to play with the space, folding coffee table can become an indispensable thing in your house. Having a simple or automatic transformation system, it can turn any time from a decor element into a work or dining table that can accommodate up to 10 people. High-quality products can withstand several thousands of unfoldings.
Such seemingly unremarkable thing as matching coffee table and side table, has a great variety of types. Made of wood, glass or particleboard, it is different not only in its look, but also in the mechanism of unfolding. If desired, you can choose a model with a complex spring system of transformation, pneumatic lift or to unfold it manually by means of uncomplicated technique.
Some constructions of matching coffee and end tables unfold as a book, increasing its area twofold. The table top can change the appearance by means of the side parts or move aside, making space for the hidden inside base, on which another tabletop is put. In other models, the surface of the table is turned and then unfolded and lifted. Designers are doing everything possible to expand the sphere of usage of matching coffee and dining table. The same model can be adapted for study, work or family leisure.

The real decorations for house are folding coffee tables on castors. Unlike stationary models, mobile furniture is lighter. For those who like to sit with friends over a cup of tea or coffee there is a possibility to choose a folding coffee table on castors that has “wings” representing the pull-out tabletops. For convenience, almost all furniture is provided with shelves or drawers, which makes it even more attractive to consumers.
Coffee table has another unique feature – to instantly transform in the amazing way the room into which it is put. Time has a positive effect on this piece of furniture adapting it to our tastes and needs. This idea to put a coffee table on castors that came up to somebody was realized, facilitating the life of many housewives feeding addiction to the change of scene. They have the opportunity to move it without exterior help not only around the room but also throughout the entire house, without giving any chance to the stagnant energy.
Originality, style of material and variety – such are the properties that these small coffee tables have, attracting the customers. One of the main criteria of the quality is the stability of products. For example, some companies make miniature round glass tabletops, attached to a chrome leg, fixed in the base of the artificial marble for stability. Foundation, which is illuminated through the glass is often the main advantage of the product. Other items made from a rectangular tabletop and four legs, have a simple appearance. The room can be decorated with mini-products by placing flowers on them. They are the ideal stand for a phone and aquarium, or they can serve as bedside elements.

coffee table with matching end tables

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