Coffee tables in the interior: how to choose solid wood coffee table sale

Coffee tables are an inherent part of the living room. As a rule, the basic zone is situated around them – sofas and chairs, where we spend our leisure and communicate with our guests. It is not always easy to choose such a table, as there’s a load of them, and one can’t always choose the table, which will fit perfectly into the interior of the living room.
Coffee tables can be divided into several groups:
practical tables – big, capacious tables with a large surface and various shelves and drawers;
tables-transformers – their transformation functions can be different, they can be taken to pieces and become separate mini-tables, or they can transform into a pouf or a banquette;
table-decoration – such tables, as a rule, are of an unusual shape, they are made of a whimsical material, they can’t fit a lot of things because of their size or shape, solid cherry coffee table can serve as a decoration of the room
Practical coffee tables
It is a most common type of the tables for the living room. This type includes both the simplest and complicated multi level tables. This group of tables is characterized by absence of the large amount of details and bright decor, they, as a rule, have a big tabletop and stable foundation. They can have a different shape – of a square, rectangle, oval, circle and rhomb. Such tables can be in different styles, but the most common are – classics, minimalism, high-tech.

Practical tables will be convenient for everything – friendly get-togethers, a party, a cup of coffee, for table-top games and evening with a book. It is convenient to keep different things on it – books, magazines, CDs, remote control, games. Pots with flowers or vases can stand on it, and in spite of this, there will be place for a tray with coffee and croissants. Of course, such table isn’t suitable for constant meals, because of the limitation of place and small height, but it’s comfortable to have breakfast at it, or invite friends for a glass of wine or snacks.
Such solid wood coffee table sale will be suitable for people who like order and functionality – everything is on its place and at hand. It is very convenient when table has open shelves, it facilitates the access to all of the things kept in it.
In this section we put tables that have functionality and design on the first place and only then convenience. Often, such round solid wood coffee table don’t have place to keep things, as it is difficult to fit a square peg into a round hole. Transformations can be different, but these are the most common: table becomes a couch or a pouf; table is fold-out or collected from smaller elements into the entire, table has castors and can “move” to another place.

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Such advantages are valuable in small living rooms, or houses, where guests are often accepted, and there aren’t enough seats. Or one don’t have place to keep a big table, in such case, folding-table is a real catch. Table with castors is very convenient if you like often to change the placement of furniture, or the place of its temporary “stay” has another, more important duty. And when there’s a party at home, the table is moved to more convenient place, so everyone can have an access to it.
When you choose solid wood coffee table sale of such type, you have to think about the place to keep those little things, which are usually kept in it. Think over the shelves or a chiffonier with drawers, or maybe a stylish bedside table for TV, that can fit in the books and magazines.

Designer coffee tables
This group includes tables-pieces of art, when the form becomes more important than the content, beauty more important than functionality. Such coffee tables – are objects of art, that take the central place in the entire interior, as it is impossible not to pay attention to them.
They can be of any shape, made of the most unusual materials, a scale of colors is infinite, size also can be optional. It goes without saying that you can forget about practicality. Often, there’s no place to keep things in this solid wood coffee table sale, maximum – you can put a cup of coffee on it. But the point of these tables – to decorate the space and it’s the main thing.
Tables made of glass or those with a glass tabletop create and illusion of light prism. Things that stand on them seem to be hovering. Of course, dust and any stains are very noticeable on such tables, but any way, it is worth it.

Coffee table – are an important attribute of any living room, one should choose it on the basis of housemates’ needs and assignment of the room. If you are going to keep only things and remote controls, you need one table (solid wood coffee table with drawers ), if you arrange noisy tea-parties – another (transformer-table from several tables, collected together).

solid wooden coffee tables

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