Choosing your perfect three piece coffee table.

Coffee tables have became an integral part of the living room long ago, often they even become the center of the composition, and the sofa group is placed around them, this is where we relax and spend our leisure with family, friends and beloved ones.
In a well-decorated living room, it’s nice to sit down with your favorite book and a glass of delicious drink, which by the way you can just put on the 3 piece glass coffee table sets. In this article, we would like to pay special attention to varieties of coffee tables, because there is a huge number of them, and, unfortunately, often the choice becomes very difficult, and as a result the majority prefers not those tables, which could be beneficial to emphasize the interior.

Three piece coffee table can be divided into several groups as follows:
1. Practical coffee tables – these tables usually have a large size, shelves and drawers can be attached to them.
2. Tables-transformers – such cheap 3 piece coffee table sets can transform into completely different items of furniture, a couch, a banquette, as well as a coffee table can be collected of two parts, which individually can serve as two separate mini tables.
3. Designer three piece coffee table – these tables often have unusual and bizarre shape, can be made of a variety of materials, but most importantly, they serve only as a decoration, you cannot put a lot of things on such tables.
Practical coffee tables
These tables are the most common, these include both the simplest and the most complex constructions in several levels. This 3 piece round coffee table set differ with minimum use of decorative details and bright decor, it has a large enough tabletop, as well as a very stable base. As to the form, this may be: circle, square, rectangle and rhomb.

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Such tables are suitable for any style of interior, they will be an excellent option for friendly meetings, for parties, board games, tea (it is very convenient to place the tray on such tables), but such table is not suitable for eating, firstly because of the lack of height, and secondly because of the lack of space, but it will be convenient for breakfast, or to stay at it with friends with a bottle of good wine.
In the first place such three piece coffee table will be relevant for sticklers who love order and cleanliness, the main thing is that this table is very functional, and you will always have everything you need at hand.
As for the tables-transformers, they can be attributed to functional models that manifest themselves primarily in the design, and only later in convenience, such tables don’t have any compartments or shelves for storage of personal belongings. But at transformation this three piece coffee table set can transform into a couch or a pouf, it happens in such a way that table is decomposed into several parts, and aligning them in the opposite order, convenient three piece coffee table can turn into as comfortable pouf.
Such tables are especially valuable in small interiors, where happen frequent visits of guests, and alas there are no enough seats. You can also pay attention to the table with castors, and during the parties it will be very convenient to move it with drinks, it will be also good if you like to make frequent changes in the house. If you have already decided that you would like to purchase a transformer table, it is necessary to also think where you will put all the necessary little things that usually would be stored in the table, for this purpose you can provide a dresser or cabinet under the TV for example.
Designer coffee tables
These tables can be rather attributed to the work of art than functional models, choosing such a table at first people pay attention to its appearance rather than to content and capacity. This table will surely become the center of the living room, home design will attract everyone’s attention, as it is simply impossible not to appreciate it!

As you may have guessed, the form of such 3 piece black coffee table sets can be totally different, they can be made as well of the most unusual materials, as to the colour scale it can be simply endless. But you shouldn`t count on practicality when selecting such tables, because they are made only to serve as a decorative highlight of your interior. For example, tables made of glass can create a prism effect, but a disadvantage is the fact that dust and various spots are very visible on these tables, but the impression that the items on such tables hover is worth it.

Coffee table plays an important role in the design of the living room, so you should choose it according to the needs of all residents, and its purpose. Do not forget about the stylistic direction and colour scheme of the room. If you need a table for storing magazines and remotes choose practical option, if you plan to organize frequent parties then pay attention to the tables-transformers. And if you’re looking for an aesthetic piece of art that will complement your interior, do not hesitate, choose among the designer options.

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