Cherry coffee table sets – a necessary thing in the interior.

This piece of furniture at all times was considered an attribute of luxury and aristocraticism. Today, modern interior design cannot be imagined without this universal device.
In this article, we want to tell you about the history of the coffee table, and give examples of how it can be combined with other elements of decor of your apartment.

History of the coffee table
Coffee table saw the light thanks to the British man and a true gentleman, William Godwin. Back in 1868, he introduced the tradition to put in the living room a small table, which was located in front of the sofa. It was convenient to put an unfinished cup of coffee or tea on it during a small talk, because you see, it is inconvenient to keep a saucer in the hands throughout the entire reception, however, as inconvenient as to sit constantly at the dinner table. Cherry coffee table sets thanks to its maneuverability could be placed anywhere in the room, as well as in front of the soft armchair in which conversants comfortably placed.
Initially, the table height was quite big (about 70 cm), but practice has shown that for added convenience its height should be at the level of the seats of chairs or sofas. Godwin corrected his invention, and it fit very organically into the living rooms of the prim British men and then began its triumphal march around the globe.
There is one more version of the appearance of cherry coffee table sets and it traces back to the times of the great empire of the Ottomans. In those days, it was an indispensable attribute for the tea ceremony in the garden, and only many years later, the idea was borrowed by the British.
Another option, in our opinion the most plausible, is the appearance of the table due to the traditions of Japanese culture. As is well-known, the tea ceremonies of this people are full of grace and require considerable skill, because to make tea it is required to mix teas in a special way and infuse them a certain amount of time. All these manipulations are conveniently carried out at a small table, which later became the ancestor of the modern coffee table.
Place of the solid cherry coffee table in the modern interior
Designers have appreciated all the functionality of cherry coffee table sets, so they use it not only as a place for drinking coffee. Table can be used as a composite center of the room. Various decorative elements can be placed on cherry wood coffee table with glass top:
clocks, etc.
The shape of the table and the style in which it is made, is picked up, focusing on other interior details. As a result, not only elegant cherry coffee table sets on thin legs “a la Empire” appeared, but also the intricate cube-shaped tables in high-tech and rustic rough coffee tables in country style.

cherry wood coffee table with glass top

Material for the manufacture of cherry oval coffee table
As a rule, the most common material for their manufacture still remains wood, but only separate parts of the construction can be made of it. Tabletop, for example, can be made of glass or stone, plastic or any other material which is suitable for this purpose. Size of the cherry coffee table and end tables can vary depending on the desires, but mostly, it still remains a miniature version of the large table. Form of the product can be as intricate as you want, the only condition – is that it has to fit harmoniously into the interior of the premises.
Against the background of the new trends in interior design the most popular still remains a classic rectangular coffee table on 4 legs made of polished wood. It serves as an excellent addition to the decoration of the living room or office. If desired, you can easily move it to any room in your house and arrange a tea ceremony in a narrow circle of friends.
It is not necessary to purchase a table at the store, you can make it yourself, by means turned out to be at hand. For example, an excellent material for a table can be wooden boxes of rectangular or square shape. They must be carefully polished and coated with varnish or paint. Fastening together a couple of boxes, you get the original table for drinking coffee. Or take a sheet of drywall as tabletop and paste it over with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Not necessarily to locate your table at 4 legs, it can be a single one. TV stand on wheels is ideal for this purpose. Using it, you can make your table truly mobile.
Hopefully, these tips will help you to decorate your house with cherry wood coffee table that will not only become a bright interior decoration, but also a convenient place for drinking tea, coffee and stronger drinks.
Interesting fact – a coffee table existed and was very popular long before the first magazine. Those days it was called a coffee table, in the meantime, its functions were similar to those present: comfortable, lightweight, universal furnishing element designed to accommodate small items. Vase with flowers, fruits, album, magazines can never be located so perfectly as on the coffee table.

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