patio coffee table rectangle

Choosing patio coffee tables for outdoors

If you are planning on adding a nice touch to your outdoor living or dining space lounge area, you will have to look through various patio coffee tables available on the market. The choice offered by various local and online stores is huge and limited by your budget only as patio coffee table ideas range from simple plastic furniture to more sophisticated and very expensive designer made pieces. Start by […]

square glass and wood coffee tables

How to take care about glass and wood coffee tables

If you like glass and wood coffee tables? you have to remember that wooden and glass top demands special and delicate care. If to speak about glass tables, the main task of correct handing is to retain the sparkles of the glass. Before cleaning glass and wood coffee table, it is necessary to remember a few useful tips. The most effective and easiest way to remove stains off the glass […]

glass table top replacement home depot

Glass for table top really protects

If you choose glass for table top you love everything beautiful, because glass in furniture looks so nice and gorgeous. Getting home a glass covered unit you add some shine to your decore and home atmosphere. The table with a glass top can be bought as a ready furniture unit, but glass for coffee table can be bought or ordered separately. If you have some scratches on the surface of […]

retro coffee table teak

Retro coffee tables easily fitting in the culture of the 21st century

Retro coffee tables has always been precious. Their owners take pride of them and don’t miss a chance to boast about their retro-stuff. Retro coffee tables remind us about the past that we always try to save in our memories, and therefore, they are very important for history! Anyway, if you’ve decided to get a retro coffee table and not to spend all your month’s income on it, then you […]

coffee table turns into desk

Coffee tables-desks as the furniture of the future

Coffee tables-desks can be proudly called the furniture of the future. Loads of them are being ordered by the most famous stores that are longing for selling as many of them as it is possible. The prices for coffee table-desk combos are not very high. They are affordable for people with different incomes. If you can find sales and special offers, they will do you a favour and let you […]

small drop leaf table with 4 chairs

What is a small drop leaf table and where to put it?

Large or small drop leaf table is a table that has a fixed section in the middle and one or two hinged sections (also called “leaf”) on sides. The leaf section can be easily folded down. Mostly wooden made, they often have unique elegant style and are still very popular in England. Main advantage of drop leaf tables is, of course, the fact that they could be folded and removed […]

coffee table with storage ottomans underneath

A coffee table with ottomans underneath will save the room’s space

A coffee table with ottomans underneath is the right choice for small rooms. If you like to invite your friends to your place, but you haven’t enough chairs to seat them, so you need ottomans. The key benefit of this piece of furniture is a possibility to move it under your coffee table. And when you need more seats, move out the ottomans. The rest of the time they won’t […]

oak and glass coffee table

Oak glass coffee tables- cozy decision for your house

One can state with certainty, that any furniture should be convenient and comfortable. Everyone has their own taste: someone likes a solid, bulky furniture of dark beech or oak, and someone – pine furniture. The proposed range of home furniture pleases the eye. Progressive furniture designers work their magic, and every day improve the design of furniture for the home: that’s how new, advanced models of tables and sofas, cupboards […]