round glass top coffee table with metal base

Small and stylish decision for your interior- small round glass coffee table

Coffee table has always been and will be an important part of the interior. Small round glass coffee table opens the possibility to use coffee tables multifunctionally. Glass coffee table is perfect for placing magazines and newspapers on it. This table clearly emphasizes the high-tech style. For many people, coffee table gives a sense of comfort, along with a bottle of wine and a favorite book. It is worth noting […]

unusual occasional tables

Occasional coffee table as the important element of the living room

Living room is a heart of the dwelling in every house and every owner tries to improve the room in such a way, that it will not only be comfortable and harmonious, but also impressive and exciting. Today an inherent part of the living room together with a comfortable sofa, chairs and fireplace is a coffee, or as it is also called in our country, cocktail table. History of occasional […]

affordable coffee table with storage

Tips for Finding Affordable Coffee Tables

Finding the best affordable coffee tables can be quite a task. While today’s market is full of products, finding the best model, the most affordable price and the finest quality can be hard. It’s necessary to pick out the size and style of the table. It must fit in a room and go with the decor. This helps narrow down the selection to, for example, affordable coffee tables modern style […]

modern round coffee table wood

Round modern coffee tables as the best pieces of furniture for today

Round modern coffee tables have always been the most popular purchases in furniture stores. They are very convenient and stylish. Their prices depend on what materials they are made of and on their sizes. Round modern coffee tables can cost from 80$ up to 400$. Prices can decrease during sales. Glass modern round coffee tables add something special to the design of any room. Their glossy surfaces and transparent bases […]

mirrored coffee table and end tables

Mirrored Coffee Tables Add Visual Space and Light to the Room

Most interior designers nowadays prefer mirrored coffee tables, as they really add visual space and light to the room. Anything placed on these coffee tables gets reflected and that reflection adds extra sparkle to both the table and the stuff on it (coffee cups, plates, decorative flowers etc.). Mirrored base coffee tables may have various shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most popular is round mirrored coffee table, as mirror material […]

elegant large coffee tables

Elegant coffee tables not only for elegant ladies but for real gentlemen too

Elegant coffee tables have always been eye-catching for ladies and gentlemen. Their prices are not very cheap and the materials they are made of are of really high quality. If you’re looking for elegant coffee table sets pay attention to the sets made of glass, metal or solid wood. In my humble opinion, the best elegant tables are made of glass or solid dark brown oak. If you have your […]

cherry wood coffee table with glass top

Cherry coffee table sets – a necessary thing in the interior.

This piece of furniture at all times was considered an attribute of luxury and aristocraticism. Today, modern interior design cannot be imagined without this universal device. In this article, we want to tell you about the history of the coffee table, and give examples of how it can be combined with other elements of decor of your apartment. History of the coffee table Coffee table saw the light thanks to […]

narrow coffee table bench style

Narrow coffee tables for houses with little room

Narrow coffee tables definitely fin in the houses where there is not enough room. They save it and make it easier for people to walk inside of the houses. Customers prefer to buy narrow side tables that can be places not only in the middle of a room. Such tables are really convenient and can be bought for just nothing if you can find worthwhile sales and good offers. Sometimes […]