black glass occasional tables

Occasional coffee table as the important element of the living room

Living room is a heart of the dwelling in every house and every owner tries to improve the room in such a way, that it will not only be comfortable and harmonious, but also impressive and exciting. Today an inherent part of the living room together with a comfortable sofa, chairs and fireplace is a coffee, or as it is also called in our country, cocktail table. History of occasional […]

real marble coffee table

Stylish marble coffee tables and end tables: which to choose?

Any person gives comfort and beauty of their premises particular attention. He surrounds himself with a variety of household items, things accessories. The original coffee table will make the room lively, extraordinary, different from others. It is easy to put your favorite family photos, a beautiful statue or a vase with flowers on it. Coffee table is useful for keeping newspapers, books, magazines on it. It will help to organize […]

coffee table with lift up top uk

Buy coffee tables that lift up and forget about additional storages and closets

Coffee tables that lift up could, probably, be named the most convenient coffee tables of the 21 century. Lifting coffee tables allow people to save the most important thing in every house – space. Such tables are very small and seem to be falderals but they can easily become twice or thrice bigger and look like real tables which is very comfortable and unusual. Coffee tables that lift up can […]

natural stone coffee tables

Stone coffee tables and end tables – unique items for your comfort

Stone coffee tables are the original addition to any room. They give charm to home interior. And the office can not do without this important detail. The tables can be in the waiting room or in the lounge. You can put magazines and newspapers, beautiful flowers in vases, play checkers and chess with friends, work on the laptop. You can buy ordinary coffee tables. Or you can order unique stone […]

tall end table target

Advantages of tall end tables

Elegant and sophisticated tall end table must be brought to every home. And now you’ll get to know why. Although tall end table is not such usable as usual coffee table, for example, it could make your living room just a little bit more comfortable. The top part of cheap tall end tables can be used as a flower vase holder. The lower part of a table is an excellent place […]

round white outdoor coffee table

Round outdoor coffee tables for people who love holding big gatherings!

Round outdoor coffee tables attract people with their shape, smoothness and unpretentiousness. From the first sight these tables seem to be very plain, but this feeling may very depending on the material they’re made off. Outdoor round coffee tables do always look great on the backyard. Surround them with low benches or loungers fitting the tables’ design and get ready to listen to your astonished and delighted guests’ exclamations. Such […]

3 piece glass coffee table sets

Choosing your perfect three piece coffee table.

Coffee tables have became an integral part of the living room long ago, often they even become the center of the composition, and the sofa group is placed around them, this is where we relax and spend our leisure with family, friends and beloved ones. In a well-decorated living room, it’s nice to sit down with your favorite book and a glass of delicious drink, which by the way you […]

vintage coffee table with blue glass top

Vintage coffee tables for the people who love ancient stuff in modern houses

Vintage coffee tables are incredibly attractive. They can adorn any places. People can be amazed with such tables and they always ask lots of questions about vintage beautiful stuff starting with “How old is that thing?” and finishing with “Where did you get it? How much did you pay for it? I’m longing for the same table now!” Vintage trunk coffee tables are very special. They are so beautiful and […]