3 piece cocktail table sets

Choosing your perfect three piece coffee table.

Coffee tables have became an integral part of the living room long ago, often they even become the center of the composition, and the sofa group is placed around them, this is where we relax and spend our leisure with family, friends and beloved ones. In a well-decorated living room, it’s nice to sit down with your favorite book and a glass of delicious drink, which by the way you […]

round cherry wood end tables

Cherry coffee table sets – a necessary thing in the interior.

This piece of furniture at all times was considered an attribute of luxury and aristocraticism. Today, modern interior design cannot be imagined without this universal device. In this article, we want to tell you about the history of the coffee table, and give examples of how it can be combined with other elements of decor of your apartment. History of the coffee table Coffee table saw the light thanks to […]

matching coffee table and sideboard

Folding coffee tables with matching end tables

Folding coffee tables are able to solve many everyday problems. Depending on the assignment, you can choose the color, shape, size and method of unfolding of this unusual piece of furniture. Before buying a folding coffee table, you must decide how often it will serve as a transformer. After all, the number of unfolding influences on deterioration of the mechanism and the material from which it is made. Types of […]

low height coffee table

Choosing a black low coffee table.

It is difficult to imagine a living room, where there is no coffee table, in most cases sofas, armchairs, poufs are placed near it, and it becomes the main area for relaxation, and socializing with family and friends. It is not always easy to choose the appropriate table, as the choice can become difficult, because today there are plenty of low height coffee table, with different design, shape and texture, […]

glass occasional tables

Occasional coffee table as the important element of the living room

Living room is a heart of the dwelling in every house and every owner tries to improve the room in such a way, that it will not only be comfortable and harmonious, but also impressive and exciting. Today an inherent part of the living room together with a comfortable sofa, chairs and fireplace is a coffee, or as it is also called in our country, cocktail table. History of occasional […]

oval black glass coffee table

Oval glass coffee tables in modern interior

Coffee table will be quite relevant in the interior of the living room. But how it will fit there – depends entirely on your choice, as manufacturers produce models on usual and curly legs, varying their number from one to four, shape of the tabletop can also change, adjusting to a particular style. You can buy a coffee table made of wood, MDF, laminated particleboard, metal or plastic, at that […]

solid cherry coffee table

Coffee tables in the interior: how to choose solid wood coffee table sale

Coffee tables are an inherent part of the living room. As a rule, the basic zone is situated around them – sofas and chairs, where we spend our leisure and communicate with our guests. It is not always easy to choose such a table, as there’s a load of them, and one can’t always choose the table, which will fit perfectly into the interior of the living room. Coffee tables […]

traditional japanese table

Japanese coffee table in the modern living room

Justly, the heart of the home belongs to the living room, so the owners are trying to arrange it in such a way that it represents the harmony, comfort and could impress the guests. In the modern living room in addition to its usual attributes such as chairs, sofa, quite popular is the presence of Japanese coffee table. In our latitudes it is called – a cocktail table. Coffee table […]

round white coffee table modern

The white coffee and end table sets in the living room interior

Coffee table can be attributed to the additional furniture in the interior. It is functional and easy to use. With the help of such furniture one can emphasize the style of interior and designer’s idea, so one should select it wisely and thoughtfully. Modern white coffee and end table sets have different shapes and designs. For their manufacture a variety of materials is used. Most often these are wood, metal, […]

unique modern coffee tables

Unique small coffee tables look great in any interior

A variety of assembly options, colors and a wide selection of coffee table design provide the ability to decorate, refresh the living room, office room, hallway. It will be the center of the interior space, which will determine the comfort and coziness of the room. Regarding other furniture, which is selected based on ergonomics and functionality, coffee table is selected based on strength, design, texture. The table has to create […]

marble top coffee tables

Stylish marble coffee tables and end tables: which to choose?

Any person gives comfort and beauty of their premises particular attention. He surrounds himself with a variety of household items, things accessories. The original coffee table will make the room lively, extraordinary, different from others. It is easy to put your favorite family photos, a beautiful statue or a vase with flowers on it. Coffee table is useful for keeping newspapers, books, magazines on it. It will help to organize […]


A great variety of wooden coffee tables with glass top

Coffee tables made of wood are not only the models in the classic style. Wooden coffee table may seem like an unusual bench, take the form of a functional module with a section for storing remotes and magazines. If unusual tables do not impress you, select the traditional model with an oval or rectangular table top, on the plinth, pedestal base or four legs. Those who love to use every […]

glass coffee tables for small spaces

Small and stylish decision for your interior- small round glass coffee table

Coffee table has always been and will be an important part of the interior. Small round glass coffee table opens the possibility to use coffee tables multifunctionally. Glass coffee table is perfect for placing magazines and newspapers on it. This table clearly emphasizes the high-tech style. For many people, coffee table gives a sense of comfort, along with a bottle of wine and a favorite book. It is worth noting […]

black wood and glass coffee table

How to choose round black wood coffee table

Coffee table now is one of the most beautiful, current and necessary details of the interior. It could easily be an interesting accent your home, its an interesting twist, make it more elegant and refined. Coffee table today, in fact, is versatile and is not limited to only a place for newspapers and magazines. It can serve you both bedside table and end table, and a place for cosmetics, a […]

rattan glass top coffee table

Round rattan coffee table as the best addition to any interior

The coffee table is in almost every home. This piece of furniture, which can not be called necessary, however, remains in the interior and is out of time and fashion. And a hundred years ago, we used coffee tables and in modern (even small in size) apartments one often can see the coffee tables of different design. Coffee tables are not selected as any other furniture, from the standpoint of […]